abril 14, 2024
Digimon Card Game Union Impact. UNION IMPACT will be the third card expansion of Digimon's new TCG and will go on sale in Japan on October 30, containing 112 cards in total, divided as follows:

Digimon Card Game

⚠The Third Digimon Exp
ansion⚠⚠We are Fuses⚠

The first commercial image of Digimon’s Third Expansion has been leaked!!!

UNION IMPACT will be the third card expansion of Digimon’s new TCG and will go on sale in Japan on October 30, containing 112 cards in total, divided as follows:

  • 44 Common Letters (Commons)
  • 30 Uncommon Cards (Uncommon)
  • 26 Rare Cards (Rare)
  • 10 Super Rare Cards (Super Rares)
  • 2 Secret Cards (Secret Rares)

UNION IMPACT will include Digimon such as Imperialdramon, BlitzGreymon, CresGarurumon and RagnaLordmon!!!

Let’s learn a little more about these Digimon!

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode

  • LEVEL: Mega
  • TYPE: Ancient Dragon
  • ATTRIBUTE: Vaccine

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode is an Ancient Dragon Type Digimon. Its name comes from the word “Imperial” relative to “Emperor” and “Dramon” referring to Digimon Dragons.

It’s a Digimon Mega that existed in ancient times. There is a clear distinction between this and other Digimon in terms of existence or skill. In addition, Imperialdramon exists as Dragon Mode, but there is also a “Fighting Mode” (Ryujin Keitai) which is able to unleash its full potential.

However, it is said that this form has never been seen. Because of its immense power its control is almost impossible and depending on the situation this Digimon can become a savior or a god of destruction.

His special movement is a supermassive shot of dark matter known as “Mega Death” that can disappear as much as he touches. This technique is terrifying, completely annihilating everything within a radius of a few hundred meters around the impact point of dark matter.


  • LEVEL: Mega
  • TYPE: Cyborg
  • ATTRIBUTE: Virus

BlitzGreymon is a Digimon Type Cyborg, whose name and design are taken from the words “Blitz” (Flash) and Greymon.

A subspecies of WarGreymon, Greymon’s final form, is equipped with electric current weapons. In a hand-to-hand fight you can use massive electric shocks, one of your attacks is the “Plasma Stake” which uses an electric shock from both arms that will destroy the enemy from within.

You can turn the “Thunder Vernier” you have on your back to fire a huge lightning bolt, you can also use them to increase your own propulsion capacity. Finally it has its “Elec Guard” with which it generates plasma particles around it to form a protective barrier.


  • LEVEL: Mega
  • TYPE: Beast Knight

CresGarurumon is a Beast Knight Digimon, whose name and design are taken from the words “Cres” “Royal Lineage” and “Garurumon”

A subspecies of MetalGarurumon, garurumon’s final form, unlike ZeedGarurumon, took a humanoid form. Wear a Golden Chrome Digizoidian armor that repels almost every attack, using the “Yellow Beast Moon Sword” a legendary sword.

His “Beast Wolf Giant Slide” attack involves spinning his entire body to make him a powerful blade and attacking his enemy. Another of his techniques is “Fiery Ice Fang Fragment” with which he forms countless ice swords that fly towards his enemy.


  • LEVEL: Mega
  • TYPE: Unique
  • ATTRIBUTE: Virus

RagnaLordmon is a Mega-level Digimon named after a combination of the words “Ragnarok” “end of the world” or the last battle of the gods in Norse mythology, and “Lord” “Supreme Lord”.

A Digimon born from the union between Durandamon, the strongest sword between the Legendary Weapons, and Bryweludramon, which is the strongest shield among them. 

He is said to have been born when an evil being lurking in the depths of the Dark Area awoke and the Diginucleos of both Legendary Weapons resounded with each other.

Their main body is formed from the fusion of these Diginucleos made to the image of the “knight who would wield them” as Durandamon and Bryweludramon imagined. 

His special moves are the “Direct Smasher” and the “Ignition Prominence” which combines the enemy by bisering the enemy in one fell swoop by wielding his sword from a great height and throwing flames of extremely high temperatures from his shield, turning his environment into a sea of fire. 

Not only that, his best technique is the “Duel Edge-Flowsion”, in which he impales the enemy with his sword wrapped in the flames of his shield, completely incinerating the enemy’s data until his Diginucleo erasing them without a trace.

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