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Houndoom V Deck , that said, the only way to be able to create a really functional Post Rotation 2020 list is with trial and error, that's why here at Alpha Tyrant TCG we have been working to present you some options with which you can actually play and at the same encouraging creativity in each player encouraging you to create your own ideas.

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?Houndoom V/Fire Toolbox Post Rotation?

Along with the New American Expansion will come the dreaded Rotation and what happens with this is that the Japanese Decklists that we see constantly come out through different means such as https://www.houhou-news.com are virtually useless.

Since our Japanese friends won't be rotating until the next November, certainly seeing those lists could give us some idea of how to create a Post Rotation Functional Deck but relying on a structure where more than 10 cards will rotate could be harmful.

In the absence of certain cards, we think unintentionally of replacing them with cards that have similar effects but I must tell you that an apple is not the same as an orange, for this simple detail is that the functionality and effectiveness of that Deck will not be the same.

That said, the only way to be able to create a really functional Post Rotation 2020 list is with trial and error, so here at Alpha Tyrant TCG we've been working to introduce you to some options you can actually play with and at the same time encouraging creativity in each player encouraging you to create your own ideas.

?Houndoom V/Fire Toolbox Post Rotation?

?Houndoom V/Fire Toolbox?

15 Pokémon Cards

  • 3?Volcanion?(UNB)
  • 3?Houndoom V?(DAA)
  • 2?Vulpix?(TEU)
  • 2?Ninetals?(TEU)
  • 1?Ninetals V?(RCL)
  • 1?Heatran-GX?(UMI)
  • 1⚡Dedenne-GX⚡(UNB)
  • 1?Marshadow?(UNB)
  • 1⚫Crobat V⚫(DAA)

32 Trainer Cards

  • 4?Quick Ball?
  • 3?Switch?
  • 3 ?PokeGear 3.0?
  • 3?Giant Bomb?
  • 2?U-Turn Board?
  • 2?Fire Crystal?
  • 1?Tool Scrapper?
  • 4?Welder?
  • 2?Professor Researcher?
  • 2?Guzma & Hala?
  • 1?Marnie?
  • 3♻Spikemuth♻(DAA)
  • 2♻Giant Hearth♻

13 Energy Cards

  • 11?Fire Energy?
  • 2?Heat Energy?(DAA)
Houndoom V Briefing Card
Crobat V Briefing Card
Spikemuth/People Crampon Information Card
Heat Energy/Candent Energy Information Card

Houndoom V without Boss's Orders Giovanni and up to 300 Calculated Damage Points

Houndoom V is a very versatile Card, this Pokémon could wipe out any Pokémon with Fire Weakness in the blink of an eye, the Metal and Leaf Type really need to take care of those 400 damage points!!!

The Basic Deck Strategy

The basic idea of the Deck is to use the Spikemuth Stadium/Crampon Village Card to put 2 damage counters on 1 of your Fire-type Pokémon when retired.

This way, Houndoom V's attack condition can be activated and ready to generate 200 Damage Points every turn (As long as there's a Damaged Fire Pokémon in your bank)

Ninetales is Better than Giovanni

At least in this Deck, that's right! Ninetales possesses its powerful Nine Temptation Skill with basically the same boss's Orders Giovanni effect, discarding 2 Fire-Type Energies from your Hand.

And not only that, it is also the perfect companion for Houndoom V, being a very easy-to-remove Pokémon, concrete the strategy and requirement imposed by the Houndoom V attack.


We should remember that the Houndoom V attack effect will only work if there is a Damaged Fire Pokémon in your Bank, The Damaged Pokémon Cannot Be otherwise, Fire Type only!!!

Calculated Risk Deck

This Deck is a "Calculated Risk Deck" but exactly what does this mean? It is very easy to calculate and control the exchange of Prizes that we will have during the Match. To do this I would recommend only having Pokémon of 1 Prize in Banking.

This will force the opponent to make 2 decisions, attack the Houndoom V that has the Giant Bomb attached together and risk 100 damage (if it leaves it out of combat)

Or play Boss's Orders Giovanni and take only 1 Prize by making the wrong decision to let Houndoom V alive causing a damage of 200 Points each turn! (Ready to finish anything)

There is a chance that your opponent will be lucky enough to play Tool Scrapper and discard the Giant Bomb attached to Houndoom V, however, despite that, the Calculated Risk will still work as long as Houndoom V managed to attack during all turns!

Although for all this to work as it is supposed to work, you have to take great care of the kind of Pokémon that will be in our Banking, play Pokémon GX or V only if it is really necessary!!!


We recommend these 2 Cards to improve the performance of this list, helping to better perform the Calculated Risk method!

Giovanni's Exile will help rule out unnecessary Pokémon GX or V in our Banking, while Lana's Fishing Rod will help reuse the Giant Bombs we discard every turn!

What do you think of this Brand New Deck?

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