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Pokémon TCG Mad Party That being said, the only way to be able to create a really functional Post Rotation 2020 roster is with trial and error, which is why here at Alpha Tyrant TCG we've been working to present you with some options that you can actually play with and incentivizing. creativity in each player encouraging them to create their own ideas.

Pokémon TCG Darkness Ablaz
e Pokémon TCG Incandescent Darkness

🍵🎂Alice in Wonderland x2🍬🎁

Along with the New American Expansion will come the dreaded Rotation and what happens with this is that the Japanese Decklists that we see constantly coming out through different media such as are virtually useless.

Since our Japanese friends will not undergo their rotation until next November, certainly looking at those lists could give us some idea of how to create a functional Post Rotation Deck but relying on a structure where more than 10 cards will rotate could be detrimental.

Given the definitive absence of certain cards, we involuntarily think of replacing them with cards that have similar effects, but I must tell you that an apple is not the same as an orange, for this simple detail is that the functionality and effectiveness of that Deck will not be the same.

With that said, the only way to be able to create a truly functional Post Rotation 2020 roster is with trial and error, which is why here at Alpha Tyrant TCG we've been working to present you with some options that you can really play around with while encouraging creativity in each. player encouraging to create their own ideas.

🍵🎂Alice in Wonderland Competitive🍬🎁

🍵🍬Alice in Wonderland Competitive🎂🎁

22 Pokémon Cards

  • 4💧Galarian Mr. Rime💧 (DAA)
  • 4🔮Dedenne🔮 (DAA)
  • 3🔮Sinistea🔮 (DAA)
  • 4🔮Polteageist🔮 (DAA)
  • 4⚪Bunnelby⚪ (DAA)
  • 2⚡Dedenne-GX⚡ (UNB)
  • 1🔮Mimikyu🔮 (DAA)

30 Trainer Cards

  • 4🔷Quick Ball🔷
  • 3🔷Scoop Up Net🔷
  • 3🔷Evolution Incense🔷
  • 3🔷Pokémon Communication🔷
  • 2🔷Electromagnetic Radar🔷
  • 2🔷Great Catcher🔷
  • 2🔷Reset Stamp🔷
  • 4🔶Roxie🔶
  • 3🔶Hapu🔶
  • 3🔶Professor Researcher – Magnolia🔶
  • 1🔶Boss's Orders – Giovanni🔶

8 Energy Cards

  • 4⚪Triple Acceleration Energy⚪
  • 4⚪Twin Energy⚪

Informational Block

Night March Returned to the Standard Format? Mad Party is Better and More Powerful !!!

Mad Party has the same method of play as the Legendary Night March, this archetype will generate 20 points of damage for each Pokémon you have in your discard pile that shares the Mad Party attack.

While Night March only reached a maximum damage of approximately 220/240 points of damage, Mad Party can generate a maximum of 300/320 points of damage, rivaling and fearing any Pokémon TAG TEAM or VMAX present in the meta!

How to play the Mad Party?

This Deck only has 2 attackers, Bunnelby and Polteageist, both Pokémon will use the Special Energy Twin Energy and Triple Acceleration Energy respectively to finish off our opponent's Pokémon.

⚠Remember that you cannot attach Triple Acceleration Energy to a Basic Pokémon, only to Evolved Pokémon⚠

Polteageist has a very useful Ability, if you discard 1 Pokémon from your hand with the Mad Party attack, you can draw 2 cards from the top of your deck.

Always try to discard Dedenne and Galarian Mr. Rime, since we can never use these Pokémon to attack, their only purpose will be to be in the discard pile.

Use the Scoop Up Net for those occasions that really deserve it, for example, if your game starts with Dedenne, you can put it in your hand to later discard it. Don't give prizes to your rival!

We added the Electromagnetic Radar for 2 excellent reasons, it facilitates the search for Dedenne-GX which speeds up both theft and disposal!

The second reason is for the simple discard option, even if we don't get any Dedenne-GX in the process, we will have increased the damage parameter!

Let's finally put an end to the Pokémon TAG TEAM and VMAX

The New Mimikyu will definitively end the effect of the Mallow & Lana Card, preventing the opponent from healing their Pokémon TAG TEAM and VMAX!

🍵🎂Alice in Wonderland / Magneton🍬🎁

🍵🍬Alice in Wonderland / Magneton🎂🎁

23 Pokémon Cards

  • 4💧Galarian Mr. Rime💧 (DAA)
  • 4🔮Dedenne🔮 (DAA)
  • 2🔮Sinistea🔮 (DAA)
  • 4🔮Polteageist🔮 (DAA)
  • 4⚪Bunnelby⚪ (DAA)
  • 3⚡Magnamite⚡ (CEC)
  • 2⚡Magneton⚡ (CEC)

30 Trainer Cards

  • 4🔷Quick Ball🔷
  • 4🔷Great Ball🔷
  • 3🔷Evolution Incense🔷
  • 3🔷Pokémon Communication🔷
  • 2🔷Reset Stamp🔷
  • 1🔷Great Catcher🔷
  • 4🔶Roxie🔶
  • 3🔶Hapu🔶
  • 2🔶Professor Researcher – Magnolia🔶
  • 2🔶Lt. Surge's Strategy🔶
  • 2🔶Boss's Orders – Giovanni🔶

7 Energy Cards

  • 4⚪Twin Energy⚪
  • 3⚪Triple Acceleration Energy⚪

Mad Party without Dedenne-GX

Don't have Dedenne-GX? Do you like to have your heart beating at 1000 per minute? Do you like risky games? Then this Deck is for you!

Magneton's Ability from the Cosmic Eclipse / Cosmic Eclipse Expansion will allow you to search for 3 Supporter Cards in your Deck to put into your Hand!

By knocking Magneton out of play (KO) during your turn, a lot of combos with the Lt. Surge's Strategy will be at our disposal!

⚠Remember that activating Magneton's Ability and leaving it out of the game your opponent will take 1 Prize⚠

What do you think of these Fun Decks?

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