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Best Player of all Japan Special League Ginza 2020

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Pokémon TCG Japan
Special League Ginza 2020

The Best Deck in all of Japa
n⚠⚠Zacian V/ADP/Mawile-GX the New King⚠

Dannoura Santos - Tournament Champion
Dannoura Santos – Tournament Champion

Dannoura Santos has been crowned the champion of the Second Grand Prix Special Tournament in Japan!!! In a fierce battle against rival Takuya Yoneda (The Previous Tournament Champion)

Deck Champion Zacian V/ADP/Mawile-GX
Tournament Champion Medal

Deck Champion Zacian V/ADP/Mawile-GX

Zacian V/ADP/Mawile-GX
Zacian V/ADP/Mawile-GX
First Place Decklist

Zacian V’s brutal power continues to demolish any other Deck that crosses his path, combined with Arceus’ omnipotent GX attack, Dialga & Palkia-GX TAG TEAM and his unsurpassed carrying capacity gave Dannoura victory.


Other highlights that made a big difference were Mawile-GX and the Big Charm/Big Amulet Tool, Mawile-GX’s Skill spoiled the theft of more than one player


Rayquaza-GX was used both to discard some cards from the top of the Deck and with some luck throwing some Metal Energies in the process, he also came to use Rayquaza’s GX attack once!

Rayquaza GX

Duraludon Rebel Clash made the difference against the new Decidueye, since this Pokémon took care of these annoying birds, possesses 30-point Resistance to the Plant Type and has an attack that helps him carry Energies, honestly I would start looking for my Duraludon!!!


Second Place of the Tournament! Falinks/Tapu Koko V

Second Place of the Tournament! Falinks/Tapu Koko V
Takuya Yoneda – Second Place of the Tournament
Falinks/Tapu Koko V
Second Place Decklist

The Electric Phalanx surprised everyone and demonstrated its Spartan might during this tournament, putting in place all Eternatus VMAX who dared to confront him and not only that, he also had no mercy with the Electric-type Pokémon.

Turbo Patch
Turbo Patch Information Card
Bird Keeper
Bird Keeper Information Card

Third Place of the Tournament! Vikavolt V/Mareep

Vikavolt V/Mareep
Shintaro Ito was the one who played with this Deck
Vikavolt V
Vikavolt V Briefing Card
Toughness MAntle
Toughness Mantle Information Card

Fourth Place of the Tournament! Decidueye/ADP

Decklist by Komasuma Yuta
Decidueye Information Card

Fifth Place of the Tournament! Eternatus VMAX/Dark Toolbox

Eternatus VMAX/Dark Toolbox
Fifth Place Decklist
Eternatus V
Eternaltus VMAX Information Card
Crobat V
Crobat V Briefing Card

Sixth Place of the Tournament! Lightning TAG Bolt

Lightning TAG Bolt
Sixth Place Decklist
Vikavolt V
Vikavolt V Briefing Card
turbo patch
turbo booster
Turbo Patch Information Card

Seventh Place of the Tournament! CharizardVMAX/SalamenceVMAX

Seventh Place Decklist
Charizard V Information Card
Charizard VMAX Information Card
Salamence V Information Jet
Salamence VMAX Information Rush

Eighth Place of the Tournament! Boltaund V/Zeraora-GX

Boltaund V/Zeraora-GX
Eighth Place Decklist
Crobat V
Crobat V Briefing Card
Turbo Patch
Turbo Patch Information Card

You can watch the recording of the stream through this link:

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