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Kanto Relics Through Time

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A virtual tour through the renowned and renowned Japanese Museum NANZUKA

Pokémon Logo Illus: Daniel Arsham

This article comes to you thanks to Pokémon Co. Ltd., the NANZUKA Museum in Japan, the Sculptor Daniel Arsham and the company UNIQLO UT.

American artist and sculptor Daniel Arsham

The sculptural exhibition by the world famous visual artist Daniel Arsham is finally available to anyone visiting the NANZUKA Museum in Japan!

Charmander & Charizard Base Set Illus: Daniel Arsham & Mitsuhiro Arita

Daniel Arsham, Pokémon Co. Ltd, Uniqlo company and NANZUKA Museum have teamed up to create this collection of sculptures named “The Kanto Relics Through Time”

Blastoise & Bulbasaur & Pokémon LogoIllus: Daniel Arsham

The idea of the artist is to recreate what the Statues of certain Pokémon would look like in 1000 years, worn down by the incessant passage of time but still recognizable to our eyes.

Red & Pikachu & Mewtwo

The statues are made of various materials such as Pyrite, Selenite, Volcanic Ash, Glass, Obsidian, Glacier Rock and Quartz with three-dimensional finishes that will surprise the viewer’s critical eye.

Snorlax & Eevee & Squirtle Illus: Daniel Arsham

We invite you to join us through this magnificent Digital Tour from the comfort of your home or office as if you were really in the GALLERY of the NANZUKA Museum, please take a seat comfortably and enjoy this 1000-year journey in the future.

Crystallized Bulbasaur

Crystallized Charmander

Crystallized Squirtle

Blastoise Crystallized

Crystallized Pikachu

Crystallized Jigglypuff

Growlithe Crystallized

Crystallized Eevee

Crystallized Porygon

Snorlax Crystallized

Crystallized Mewtwo

Red & Pikachu Cristalized

Charizard Letter Base Set

Blastoise Charter Base Set

This is how this wonderful tour concludes through the sublime exhibition of the Relics of Kanto through Time.

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