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Hero and Dialga Medal join Combat Legendary Heartbeat

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Pokémon Trading Card Game Japan
🍀Legendary Heartbeat🍀

⚠The Hero and Dialga Medal enters Fight⚠

Dialga -⚙- PS 130

Basic Pokémon

[⚪]Backing up Time:

Join up to 2 Type Energies[⚙] from your direct discard pileto your Pokémon the way you want.

[⚙][⚙][⚪]Destructive Glow: 130

Discard 2 Energies attached to this Pokémon.

Weakness: 🔥(x2)

Resistance: 🍀(-30)

Withdrawal: (⚪)(⚪)

Hero Medal


The Pokémon VMAX that has this card attached will lose 100 PS, in return, when this Pokémon is out of combat because of the attack of an opponent’s Pokémon, your opponent will take 1 Less Prize Card, you cannot attach this card to a Pokémon VMAX without enough health points for it to be out of combat.

Thanks to Toine Lay for giving sense to translations 

🍀s3a Legendary Heartbeat🍀

It will be released in Japan on July 10th and contain more than 76 cards (excluding Full Art, Rainbow Rare and Secret Rare)

This collection will contain Legendary Pokémon Cards, such as Celebi, Lugia, Jirachi, Rayquaza, Genesect, Zarude V, Zacian and Zamazenta, plus this collection will apparently contain a new Game Theme called “Amazing Rare”, a New Card Rare.

This collection will be much better than the common collections suggesting that its content will be quite bright, something similar to TAG ALL STARS, a collection that contained a lot of Full Art and Secret Rare cards.

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