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The New American Mini Set that will go on sale in September -Legendary Heartbeat 3.5!!!

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The New American Mini Set that will go on sale in September if it's Legendary Heartbeat!!!

The albums that showed this morning of the ultra PRO Sword & Shield 3.5 brand have confirmed the theory, the Mini Set that will be released here in America if it is Legendary Heartbeat!!!

Ultra PRO Sword & Shield 3.5 Binders Revealed, Confirms Cards from S3a Legendary Heartbeat

This Mini Set “Sword & Shield 3.5″ does not yet have a name, nor has it been officially revealed, however we already know what the star Pokémon of the collection will be!

Gardevoir V, Gardevoir VMAX, Drednaw V and Drednaw VMAX have been removed from Darkness Ablaze/Darkness Incandescent to be added to this collection, that would explain why in the official information of Inincandescent Darkness there are only 7 VMAX and not 9 as suggested by the information.

We can also see Alcremie V and Alcremie VMAX belonging to Legendary Heartbeat, will be included in this September Mini Set. What if you have no explanation is that Obstagoon of Galar, will it be the same Obstagoon that came inside Incandescent Darkness and that was also removed from there?

Sword & Shield 3.5 will go on sale in all latin American stores on September 25th, we invite you to be attentive to any news!

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All FA, RR and SR Revealed Legendary Heartbeat cards

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