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Forretress Explodes Along with Almost Anything!!! Tcg

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The Forretress that comes inside Legendary Heartbeat could be one of the most dangerous Pokémon in the history of Pokémon Trading Card Game, its second attack can wipe out almost any Existing Pokémon in the format!!!

Let’s take a good look at the Attacks of Forretress and why this Pokémon can be so dangerous

Forretress –⚙ – PS 120

Stage 1 – Evolve Pineco

[⚙][⚪][⚪]Takedown: 1
20Esthe Pokémon will be 30 damage as well.

[⚙][⚙][⚪][⚪]Bombardment Grenade:
Both Active Pokémon are left Out of Ko Combat. 

Weakness: 🔥(x2)R
esistance: 🍀(-30)Wi
thdrawal: (⚪)(⚪)(⚪)

Both Pokémon are out of combat

This kamikaze is willing to take any Pokémon with it, no matter if it’s a Pokémon EX, GX, TAG TEAM, V or VMAX and it doesn’t matter if it has 30 Health Points or 1000, Forretress will explode along with any Pokémon causing both players to take a prize for this.

In other words, your opponent takes 1 Prize for the fall of Forrestress and you take 3 Prizes for the fall of Charizard VMAX, just by blowing up 2 Pokémon VMAX or TAG TEAM you win the game! And even if I faced only Pokémon V or GX I would still have an advantage during the Awards exchange!

However, this Pokémon will have a huge disadvantage against any 1-Prize Pokémon Deck. Ideally, mix it with other Pokémon that can deal with in a situation like this, for example Duraludon or the New Dialga!

How to play with this Nuclear Bomb?

There are several interesting options to play with Forretress, Jirachi AR, Metal Saucer and Twin Energy to be able to load these dangerous explosives quickly, there are also many Tools that could save Forrestress or even damage the opponent in the process!

How to save your Pokémon from this Explosive Threat?

With the Big Sunshade/Large Umbrella

With this wonderful Tool you will avoid any attack effect that may affect all your Pokémon, in the Standard Format this would be the only way to save your Pokémon from the fearsome attack of Forrestress! Making Forrestress commit suicide in vain.

Is the utility of the Big Sunshade getting bigger and bigger as Pokémon came out with attacks this annoying? Although we do not forget the existence of the Tool Scrapper… It will be enough fun to see the evolution of the format over the next few months hehe

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