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The Winning Illustration has already been chosen The Second Pokémon GRANDPRIX is over!

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Second Pokémon Card Gam
e Illustration GRANDPRIX Drawing Contest!!!

The 8 winners of the Pokémon Drawing Contest organized by the Creatures Inc. Art department earlier this year have been chosen!!!

4050 people from all over Japan sent their best illustrations to compete in the Second Pokémon Card Game Illustration GRANDPRIX and now only the 8 winners remained.

“Pokémon Great Moments” Contestants were to draw a picture of 1 of the following 8 Pokémon: Charizard, Pikachu, Tyranitar, Milotic, Lucario, Genesect, Wishiwashi or Zacian.

Only 1 selected Pokémon could be drawn in an environment or environment pleasing to the eye. Unlike the previous time, this time the competition judges could select 1 drawing that has been very similar and hire the responsible artist even if he did not win the GRANDPRIX.

Charizard was the winner of the great contest

“Jiro” is the winning artist of the Second GRANDPRIX with his incredible illustration of Charizard.

This illustration will soon come out as a promotional card for Japan, plus you will receive an economic prize of ¥300,000 ($2,800 USD)

Criticism of judges:

The air around Charizard, the flame at the end of his tail and the sand dancing on his feet are simply wonderful details. I really like the shadows of the clouds falling over the stadium, you can feel the air of tension in your illustrations.

Charizard’s solid strength and tension immediately before the fierce battle are beautifully expressed. Many vibrant emotions, this artistic work provides a very different atmosphere to the one we are used to. The composition of the drawing is wonderful.

It’s too cool to see How Charizard is about to enter the fight. A very complete illustration with various techniques and a waste of professionalism in every ray of color and in every detail.

Wishiwashi took second place in the contest

“Kusunoki Sun” is the artist who won second place with his mind-blowing illustration of Wishiwashi. The artist will receive a monetary prize of ¥100,000 ($900 USD).

Judges’ criticisms:

This artistic piece is the most dramatic one I found among all the participants. The waves and the bottom of the ocean were drawings with a touch of fury, but I think it fits perfectly into the situation that Wishiwashi is experiencing right now

As for Wishiwashi’s expression, artistic work manages to tell me an impressive story simply by seeing the image. It makes me want to know what’s going to happen next.

The rudeness of the image, can be easily captured as if it had some three-dimensional effect thanks to the transparency of the water, the image is very descriptive, because the arduous situation is easy to see how the Pokémon wants to let out its tears but despite the wounds throughout its body and the determination in its gaze will never give up.

Genesect was able to get third place in the contest

“takuyoa” is the artist who won third place with his spectacular drawing of Genesect. The artist will receive a monetary prize of ¥100,000 ($900 USD).

Judges’ criticisms:

I think this piece of art moves perfectly along with the whole environment, the details of The focus and pose of Genesect are very pleasant to the critical eye.

The background paint in combination with Genesect’s body details are very well balanced. The simplicity of the geometric shapes together with the texture of them manage to express themselves masterfully.

The blue flashes that can be seen in the factory are components that manage to adapt very well with the yellow shot that Genesect is making, I love the contrast of colors that are generated simultaneously.

The following illustrations range from 4th to 8th place, they received recognition from the judges and 50,000 ($450).

The Pokémon Collectible Card Game celebrates 24 years since its creation, these cards are distributed in 77 countries around the world in more than 13 languages!

As you will recall, last year the first Pokémon GRANDPRIX Drawing contest began where more than 5000 participants from all over Japan competed for the possibility of being hired as official illustrators of the Creatures Inc. Department of Art.

In the end Miss Yuu Nishida with her beautiful illustration of Gardevoir was the victorious winner and now works as an official artist in that company.

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