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Pre-release cards finally revealed Darkness Ablaze

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Pokémon Trading Card G
ame⚠ Pre-release cards finally revealed Darkness Ablaze⚠

The 4 Promotional Cards that will come within the Pre-release Kits in ⚫Darkness Ablaze/Incandescent Darkness were finally revealed⚫

Although physical events have been canceled due to the current situation, you can pre-order your Pre-release Kit in your trusted store!

  • 🍀Decidueye SWSH035🍀
  • ⚡Arctozolt SWSH036⚡
  • ⚫Hydreigon SWSH037⚫
  • ⚪Kangaskhan SWSH038⚪

Decidueye -🍀- PS 140

Stage 2 – Dartrix Evolution

🔻Ability🔻 Forest Camouflage: Pr
events and prevents all damage done to this Pokémon from any opponent’s Pokémon V and Pokémon GX.

[🍀][⚪]Split Arrow: 90 Thi
s attack will deal 20 damage to 2 Pokémon in the opponent’s Banking. (Do not apply Weakness and Resistance for Pokémon in Banking.)

Weakness: 🔥(x2)R
esistance: -Wi
thdrawal: (⚪)(⚪)

Arctozolt -⚡- PS 130

Stage 1 – Evolution of the Rare Fossil

🔻Ability🔻 Static Vortex: Whe
never your opponent has 1 Energy from his or her Hand to 1 of his Pokémon, put 2 Damage Counters on that Pokémon.

[⚡][⚪]Electro Ball: 70

Weakness: ✊🏽(x2)R
esistance: -Wi
thdrawal: (⚪)(⚪)

Hydreigon – ⚫ – PS 160

Stage 2 – Zweillos Evolution

🔻Ability🔻 Sinister Squad: Ev
ery time you want during your turn, you can join 1 Type Energy from yo[⚫]ur Hand to 1 of your Pokémon in play.

[⚫][⚫][⚪]Speed Fang: 130

Weakness: 🍀(x2)R
esistance: -Wi
thdrawal: (⚪)(⚪)(⚪)

Kangaskhan -⚪- PS 130

Pokémon Basic

[⚪][⚪]Impact: 30+If on
e of your Pokémon is left out of combat (KO) by attack by any of the opponent’s Pokémon during the previous turn, this attack will do 90 more damage.

[⚪][⚪][⚪]Hammer: 100

Weakness: ✊🏽(x2)R
thdrawal: (⚪)(⚪)

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