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Do Pokémons eat?

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Slowpoke will have a delicious lunch

Slowpoke usually used its tail as a tallow by submerging it underwater so that it can catch its prey!

The Food Chain of the Pokémon World

The following information was extracted directly from the Official Fan Book of Pocket Monster which was distributed in Japan during 1997.

“The current situation is that the Pokémon World ecosystem contains many elements that have not yet been identified.”

“Food is one of them, but some Pokémon like Tauros and Magikarp have been confirmed as food.”

“If we deduce from these examples, it seems that the food chain of the Pokémon world is very similar to that of our world.”

“This is arguably an area of the Pokémon world where more research is expected.”

This book was trying to solve several doubts that existed at the time regarding the Pokémon world and explain some elements present in Pokémon Red & Pokémon Green games

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The Winning Illustration has already been chosen The Second Pokémon GRANDPRIX is over!

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