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8 New Letters from Digimon Exchange Tamer Party

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Digimon Card Game Exchange Tamer Party

In Japan during the months of August and September there will be special events called the “Exchange Tamer Party” where all players will be given this Booster Pack for free which includes 8 very malevolent cards!

Here are the amazing 8 Promotional cards

⬛Keramon P-013⬛ 2000 DP

🔷Entry Cost (3)🔷
⬛Evolution Cost (0)⬛
🔷Level 3🔷

🔻Heredable Reliability
[Durante el turno del rival]🔻 this Digimon will gain +1000 DP.

⬛Chrysalimon P-014⬛ 5000 DP

🔷Entry Cost (4)🔷
⬛Evolution Cost (2)⬛
🔷Level 4🔷

🔻On inheritable reliabil
[Bloqueador]ity🔻 When an opponent’s Digimon declares an attack, it changes this Digimon from “Active” position to “Recesus” position, and this Digimon will become the target of that attack.

🔻Reachable🔻 you wil
[Cuando ataque]l lose -2 Memory.

⬛Infermon P-015⬛ 7000 DP

🔷Entry Cost (7)🔷
⬛Evolution Cost (3)⬛
🔷Level 5🔷

🔻Inherable Reliability🔻 Re
[Cuando entre al juego]turns 1 Digimon from the opponent (Discard 1 Source of Evolution together with 1 Digimon of the opponent. You can’t rule out Level 3 or less Digimon or Digimon that doesn’t have Evolution Sources attached to them)

🔳Diaboromon P-016🔳 11,000 DP

🔷Entry Cost (11)🔷
⚫Evolution Cost (4)⚫
🔷Level 6🔷

🔻ReachableAbility🔻 You
[Durante tu turno]will gain +1 attack on the Security Zone for every “Diaboromon” you have in play.

🔯DemiDevimon P-017🔯 2000 DP

🔷Entry Cost (3)🔷
🔯Evolution Cost (0)🔯
🔷Level 3🔷

🔻ReachableAbility🔻 Dis
[Cuando entre al juego]card 2 cards from the top of your Deck.

🔯Devimon P-018🔯 3000 DP

🔷Entry Cost (5)🔷
🔯Evolution Cost (2)🔯
🔷Level 4🔷

🔻ReachableAbility🔻 Dest
[Cuando entre al juego]roy 1 Digimon from your Level 3 opponent.

🔯Myotismn P-019🔯 7000 DP

🔷Entry Cost (7)🔷
🔯Evolution Cost (3)🔯
🔷Level 5🔷

🔻Heredable Reliability
[Venganza]🔻 when this Digimon is destroyed in battle, it destroys the Digimon with which it battled.

🔯VenomMyotismN P-020🔯 11,000 DP

🔷Entry Cost (12)🔷
🔯Evolution Cost (4)🔯
🔷Level 6🔷

🔻Reachable🔻 plays up t
[Cuando sea destruido]o 1 Digimon 🔯Morado🔯 Level 4 or less from your Trash without paying any cost, this Digimon will not be able to activate any of its Effects.

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