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Many Pokémon V and VMAX Shiny are on track!!!

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High Class Pack Shiny Star V

In Japan, a New Collection has just been announced, which will include a huge amount of Pokémon Shiny!!!

The "High Class Pack Shiny Star V" will contain the best Pokémon Shiny V and VMAX that have come out so far, this amazing Japanese collection will be released on November 20th of 2020 and will include over 190 cards excluding the Secrets.

Shiny Crobat V Box

Not only that was revealed, in Japan also a special box that will contain 1 very special card will be released on December 25th, a Shiny Crobat V, this card will possess exactly the same skill and attack as the Crobat V that we can find in "DAA"

VMAX Battle Triple Starter Set

Last but not least, Japan will also be released on December 4th a special box containing Venusaur VMAX, Charizard VMAX and Blastoise VMAX, it is confirmed that they will be Gigantamax versions of the initial 3 of Kanto.

As for this New Charizard VMAX it is not yet known whether it will be a reprint of the one that comes in DAA or if it will be a completely new one.

At the moment we do not have palpable images nor do we know when all this will come to America, however we invite you to be informing us for more news!!!

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