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Deck Post Rotation 2020 Eternatus VMAX/Tapu Koko

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Pokémon TCG Darkness Ablaz
ePokémon JCC Incandescent Darkness

⚫Eternatus VMAX with Tapu Koko Prisma⚡

Along with the New American Expansion will come the dreaded Rotation and what happens with this is that the Japanese Decklists that we see constantly come out through different means such as are virtually useless.

Since our Japanese friends won’t be rotating until the next November, certainly seeing those lists could give us some idea of how to create a Post Rotation Functional Deck but relying on a structure where more than 10 cards will rotate could be harmful.

In the absence of certain cards, we think unintentionally of replacing them with cards that have similar effects but I must tell you that an apple is not the same as an orange, for this simple detail is that the functionality and effectiveness of that Deck will not be the same.

That said, the only way to be able to create a really functional Post Rotation 2020 list is with trial and error, so here at Alpha Tyrant TCG we’ve been working to introduce you to some options you can actually play with and at the same time encouraging creativity in each player encouraging you to create your own ideas.

⚫Eternatus VMAX/Tapu Koko Post Rotation⚡

⚫Eternatus VMAX/Tapu Koko⚡

Post Rotation

19 Pokémon Cards

  • 4x⚫Eternatus V⚫(DAA)
  • 4x⚫Eternatus VMAX⚫(DAA)
  • 4x⚫Crobat V⚫(DAA)
  • 3x⚫Galarian Zigzagoon⚫(SSH)
  • 1x⚡Tapu Koko Prism Star⚡(TEU)
  • 1x⚫Hopa⚫(DAA)
  • 1x⚫Sableye V⚫(SSH)
  • 1x⚫Alolan Meowth⚫(CEC)
  • 1x⚫Lolan Persian GX⚫(CEC)

31 Trainer Cards

  • 4x🔷Quick Ball🔷
  • 4x🔷Great Ball🔷
  • 3x🔷Switch🔷
  • 3x🔷Pokémon Communication🔷
  • 2x🔷Great Catcher🔷
  • 1x🔷Reset Stamp🔷
  • 1x🔷 Rod🔷
  • 1x🔷Tool Scrapper🔷
  • 4x🔶Marnie🔶
  • 2x🔶Professor Researcher – Magnolia🔶
  • 2x🔶Boss’s Orders – Giovanni🔶
  • 3x♻Viridian Forest♻

10 Energy Cards

  • 6x⚫Darkness Energy⚫
  • 2x⚡Lighting Energy⚡
  • 2x⚫Hidden Energy⚫(DAA)
Eternaltus VMAX Information Card
Eternatus V Information Card
Crobat V Briefing Card
Hidden Energy Information Card

The Maximum Potential of Eternatus VMAX

Eternatus VMAX’s power is increased by 30 damage for each Sinister Pokémon you have in Play, achieving a maximum attack of 270 damage!!!

But this will only happen if you have 8 Sinister Pokémon in your Bank, you won’t be able to have a Pokémon of another type in Banking as if this happens the Ability of Eternatus will not work.

Why Tapu Koko Prisma?

So why add Tapu Koko Prisma to a Deck where you can only have Sinister Pokémon?

The answer is the fast energy charging that Tapu Koko Prisma can provide to Eternatus VMAX, but is this necessary?

The Dragapult VMAX Dilemma

If you ask any player who has played Dragapult VMAX (a Pokémon that also requires only 2 Energies as with Eternatus VMAX) will tell you that one of the biggest problems Dragapult VMAX has is the Energy charge.

Uniting 1 Energy per turn in 2 turns already a Dragapult VMAX is ready to attack but the vast majority of the time it will also be badly damaged and on its bench there may be another Dragapult VMAX but without a single energy attached to it.

Well, the same could happen with Eternatus VMAX, although Eternatus can be loaded the same, ideally not to sacrifice it for this purpose and always have more than one Eternatus VMAX ready to attack at any time in our Bank, so we added Tapu Koko Prisma.


We must remember that while Tapu Koko is on our bench the Ability of Eternatus VMAX will be disabled, but that’s the cute thing about Tapu Koko, at any time you can use his Ability to send it to the Lost Zone and problem solved!


We recommend these 2 Cards to improve the performance of this list, the Unedible Expansion Hoopa could shine brightly in a format where Skilled Pokémon are the order of the day.

The Guard Energy Special Energy Weakness Energy could help this cover in a disadvantage to Weakness, in simpler words… 😅 is for the fight to hurt less and wait for some miracle to happen that gives us victory hahaha

What do you think of this Sinister Deck?

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