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Several Cards will be banned in Japan

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As of next Tuesday, September 1 in Japan, it will be impossible to play the following cards in the Standard Format

Both Bellelba & Brycen-Man TAG TEAM and Mismagius with the Mystery Message Skill will be completely and completely prohibited and cannot be played at any Standard Legal Tournament in Japan.

The measurement will be taken to maintain the healthy gaming environment and promote the diversity of Decks in the Format.

New Farewell Promotional Cards

To dismiss these letters definitively Japan will release a version of Promotional Art for both letters (I think it’s the first time in more than 7 years that Bannean a letter from the Active Standard Format) the last was Lysandre Trump Card.

It is not known whether these measures will apply for America, but at once I warn you, it is 99% certain that this is the case, all the Banneos that have made in Japan so far have also applied for the rest of the world.

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