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Incandescent Darkness Theme Decks Have Been Revealed

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The Content of the Theme Decks of the New Darkness Ablaze/Incandescent Darkness Expansion has been Revealed!!!

Sirfetch'd de GalarDarmanitan de Galar

Among the cards that we can highlight within the contents of each Deck are Bird Keeper and Turbo Patch, as well as containing Professor Researcher Magnolia, Sonia and Bede.

Another detail that we should highlight is that both Sirfetch'd de Galar and Darmanitan de Galar have exactly the same attacks as the cards that we can find in the Rebel Clash/Rebel Shock Expansion, with the only difference that these new ones have a different art!

The Coins of the Theme Decks

It's a pity for all those players who expected the Themed Decks to contain cards like Marnie/Roxy or Giovanni

Special thanks to Andrew Mahone and Pokeguardian for the pictures 

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