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Vivid Voltage the America’s Expansion of November

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We haven’t even received Darkness Ablaze/Incandescent Darkness, let alone Champion’s Path, but we still have enough information about the upcoming American Set!!!

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Vivid Voltage will be the next American Expansion to be released on Friday, November 13 and will contain cards like Pikachu V and Pikachu VMAX, plus this will be the last Block D Expansion.

Astonishing Volt Tackle

This Expansion will be based on Astonishing Volt Tackle, the Japanese collection that will be released next Friday, September 18, it is anticipated that many cards that came inside Legendary Heartbeat will come here!

Elite Trainer Boxes Will Evolve

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Everything seems to point out that the content of the Elite Trainer Box will change from November, according to the product description the Vivid Voltage Elite Trainer Box Plus will be larger and with exclusive content, worth approximately $60 USD.

Perhaps they will now include Promotional Cards? Only time will tell, we invite you to be attentive!

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