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Pokemon TCG America

Call all Stores and Players! Play! Pokémon in your home!

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Pokémon League events have always been a fun and easy way to stay connected with other Pokémon fans in your community. However, at this time, it has been impossible to continue with these events as they used to be, until now! There is a new opportunity to have a Pokémon League from your own home. Local game stores are encouraged to host League at Home events using the Pokémon TCG Online platform. Players can contact their trusted game store to receive these special Pokémon TCG Online codes that can unlock great game items such as booster packs, promotion cards and accessories, and to learn about League at Home events that your local store will virtually organize.
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Hero and Dialga Medal join Combat Legendary Heartbeat

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The Hero and Dialga Medal It will be released in Japan on July 10th and contain more than 76 cards (excluding Full Art, Rainbow Rare and Secret Rare) This collection will contain Legendary Pokémon Cards, such as Celebi, Lugia, Jirachi, Rayquaza, Genesect, Zarude V, Zacian and Zamazenta, plus this collection will apparently contain a new Game Theme called "Amazing Rare", a New Card Rare.
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Kanto Relics Through Time

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Relics of Kanto Through Time, The sculptural exhibition of the world famous visual artist Daniel Arsham is finally available to anyone visiting the NANZUKA Museum in Japan!